"We strive to make leaders and leader teams release their potential in realising transformation projects"


Jimmy Rose



In a market where an increasing number of companies find themselves out of step with market realities there is a need of successful transformation. However, the majority of transformations ultimately fail due to lack of the right leadership style and the right competencies to move the company beyond the necessary.


Rose Management brings the competencies and tools that empowers the leaders to go beyond relentless cost cutting by identifying and scoping organizational transition to realize the future business model.


This enables leaders to engage in transformation while delivering on current business targets and getting over the initial hurdle of setting up the project.





Defining the organizational transformation journey by identifying the gaps between as-is and to-be. This is a basis for defining the business case, setting up the project and supporting the execution





Speeding up the process of leader teams working efficiently together by understanding the lack of competencies within the team and the barriers between team members that hinder results of transformation


Advise on



As a transformation leader you will have access to phone, skype and e-mail consultation or 1:1 meetings on handling transformation issues. This will get you past transition barriers in a faster pace