Team Transformation

Team Transformation


Would you like your leader team to perform better?


It's not a given that leader teams are efficient and often

transformations fail due to the dynamics of the leader

team in charge.


Changes to the leader team is another pitfal where lack of

attention to new team dynamics might reduce the team

efficiency and ability to make results of transformation








The Hogan Team Workshop comes in a 1 or 2 day format

The Hogan Team workshop is a practical tool. Its purpose is to help in the design and effective functioning of leader teams. It helps leader teams understand their internal dynamics in a way never before possible.


1 day Hogan Team Workshop - Screening - DKK 39.000 excl. VAT

This workshop for up to 20 team members makes you:


• Understand the team skill mix, strengths, and weaknesses

• Identify team culture - The motivational power and key drivers

• Highlight potential team fracture lines

• Understand why some individuals get along while others don’t – and what to do about it


2 day Hogan Team Workshop - Development - DKK 59.000 excl. VAT

In addition to the 1 day workshop we will work on the developmental issues resulting in concrete actions.


The workshop will enable the leader team of up to 10 team members to focus on the important obstacles for delivering results and make it possible to make the nessesary changes in team dynamics in an efficient way. It equips the leader team with the strategies it need to achieve their full potential providing an unparallelleled competitive edge.


It is possible to add individual reports and feedback sessions as a preperation for the workshop as well as individual and team follow-up sessions for optimal effect.