Transformation References


Do you look for a supplier with deep knowledge from top tier Danish and international companies?

Rose Management has worked directly or indirectly with theese companies:


  • Capgemini, Right Management, Atea, GN Resound, GE Healthcare
  • Nets, Danske Bank, Nordea, PFA, SDC, FIH, Codan, Alm. Brand,

ATP, Industriens Pension, AP Pension, PenSam, AON, Finansrådet

  • Udenrigsministeriet, Domstolsstyrelsen, Advokatrådet, DSB,

Lægemiddelstyrelsen, Energistyrelsen, Hvidovre Forsyning



Organizational Transformation Cases


Utility Industry

After deregulation of the legislation the company needed to adapt to market conditions. We helped build a new company strategy that handle price pressure and increase in climate driven investment needs.


Petrolium Industry

The decision to divest a subsidiary meant a longer period of preparation for the sale. We helped keep the employees engaged by working with change resilience competencies, hence adding to the company value.


IT Industry

Technological innovation meant a need to change from selling commodity products to more complex products as a service. We helped build a new competency framework to support the sales and delivery transition.


Consulting Industry

A lack of local competencies and price pressure made it necessary to integrate offshore resources in the local delivery. We helped build the business case for a mobility organization and executed the implementation.



Team Transformation Cases


Public Sector

A major organizational change in a public sector institution resulted in open resistance and demotivation. We helped the top three level leaders how to lead others through change hence mitigating the restraining forces.


Health Care Industry

A top four global producer of personal health care equipment needed to increase employee engagement and be more aligned across subsidiaries. We helped rollout and reinforce the values in a workshop process that made the leaders stand out and be able to communicate and engage employees more openly and directly.


Finance Industry

A divisional organization gave room for silo thinking. We helped leaders across the organization to network through a facilitated workshop process that helped reduce barriers by mutual respect and common thinking.


Consulting Industry

A executive leader team proved to be ineffective in creating results due to internal team dynamics. We helped build a program that clarified the dysfunctionalities and ways for the team to handle it.