Organizational Transformation

Organizational Transformation


Do you need to put strategy into action?

Many transformation efforts fail or deliver less effect than planned. This is not because of poor planning or the time available to transistion activities.


Executing transformation effectively is all about actively

involving the right people - leaders and employees - early in

the process. By involving them in the tranformation planning

you achive:


  • Engagement from day one
  • Overview of significant interdependencies between

day-to-day activities and transistion activities

  • Organizational understanding of the transformation

agenda and how the individual contribution looks like

  • Understanding of internal and external dependencies


All of the above are known to become major obstacles for

successfull transformation if not handled correctly. They can

be initiated and adressed to be an organizational advantage

by a 1-day or 2-day facilitated tranformation workshop.







The Transformation Workshop comes in a 1 or 2 day format

The transformation workshop is for


  • Executive Leader Teams that needs to involve the next level leaders in turning the strategy into actionable transition activities using the Transformation Map as a common toolkit for communicating, reporting and follow-up
  • Leaders who want to create employee engagement and an understanding of their individuel contribution towards the realization of the strategy/business plan/transformation agenda.
  • HR Directors, HR Business Partners and HR Consultants who want to use the Transformation Map Workshop as one of the tools they offer to leaders in their organisation.



1 day Transformation Workshop - Creating the overview - DKK 22.000 excl. VAT

This workshop for up to 12 team members. It includes:


• 2 hours preperation meeting in advance of the workshop with client sponsor

• 1-day facilitated Workshop in your location

• Brown Paper documantation from the workshop

• 1 hour follow-up after the meeting with client sponsor


After this workshop you will have a documented overview of the transition activities on Brown Paper.

The Brown Paper documentation can be converted into Power Point for DKK 5.000 excl. VAT.



2 day Transformation Workshop - Overview and Activities - DKK 36.000 excl. VAT

In addition to the 1 day workshop we will work on detailing the transition activities to a level where the individual contributors can finish them by themselves. This also includes further exploration of internal and external dependencies.


The workshop will secure participants engagement and commitment by getting a common understanding of the overall transformation agenda. Participants will have contributed with new ideas on how to realize the goals and identified risks and significant interdependencies between day-to-day activities and transition activities. It all secures a deeper understanding of how the individual can contribute and create success.